What are the different types of text similarity?

Our AI-powered plagiarism scans offer 3 layers of text similarity detection (identical, minor changes, & paraphrased) in order to give you the most accurate results.

Based on your scan settings we also provide information on how much of the text you are not scanning for plagiarism (omitted words).

See below for an explanation and examples of each these elements.


Identical- 1 to 1 exact word matches, highlighted in red


Minor changes- words hold nearly the same meaning but have a change to their form (example: “large” becomes “largely”), highlighted in light red


Paraphrased- different words that hold the same meaning replace the original content (example: "large" becomes "big"), highlighted in yellow


Omitted- the portion of text that is not being scanned for plagiarism based on the scan settings. (example: the ignore quotations setting is enabled and the document is 20% quotations = the omitted words percentage is 20%), unhighlighted