Which browser can I use Copyleaks with?

Browser Compatability

You can work with Copyleaks through all major browsers:

  • Google Chrome (recommended)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari
  • Firefox*
  • Opera
  • Brave
  • Vivaldi
  • DuckDuckgo

If you are experiencing issues using one of the above browsers, please try clearing your cache and/or using Copyleaks in an incognito window. If the problem persists, please ensure that cross-site tracking cookies are enabled. 

*If you are using Firefox, you can ensure that cross-site tracking cookies are enabled following the steps below:

  1. Open a new tab and navigate to "about:preferences"
  2. Search for "cookies".
  3. Under "Enhanced Tracking Protection" select "Custom".
  4. And for "Cookies" select "Cross-site Tracking Cookies".
  5. Reload the Copyleaks page and try to access the link again.