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What is Generative AI Monitoring?

Generative AI Monitoring Google Chrome Extension

The Generative AI Monitoring Google Chrome Extension gives admins access to enforce policies around AI generation for maximum protection.

With the Generative AI extension you can do the following:

Enforce generative AI policies 

Monitor and enforce company-wide generative AI policies and help remove concerns over quality control plus potential cyber security, leaks, and privacy vulnerabilities.

Prevent AI storage and leaks

Require users to deactivate AI model chat history storage settings to prevent chat data from being stored within AI repositories and used for model training which can lead to potential data leaks.

Avoid potential plagiarism & copyright infringement

AI-generated code and content can easily lead to copyright infringement and licensing issues. Stay informed of where your generative AI content sources are from and keep your proprietary content safe while mitigating potential risks.

Protect sensitive data

Ensure compliance with sensitive data detection, including email addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, credentials, URLs, and more, to prevent sensitive information from being uploaded into AI generators.

Restrict the use of specific keywords

Maintain data control, privacy, and security with a preventative list of specific keywords and expressions your organization wants to ban from being input into AI generator prompts.