What is a private repository?

How to use the Copyleaks private repositories

A private repository is a solution built for large organizations looking to store their documents in a secure hosting environment that can later be compared against new documents and data. 

Once you have created a repository, you can then invite other team members to access it on their own. We recommend inviting a group if you have multiple users and can give each user specific permissions like viewing documents, the ability to upload, and full control over the repository.

When you’re ready to start uploading your own documents to a repository, go to NEW SCAN where you can add up to 100 files to the repository at once. Make sure you choose the repository under “sources” that you want to store the documents in.

Once you upload documents to the repository, your documents are completely safe and private. Since Copyleaks is only hosting your documents, no one will have access to view any data that is in the documents themselves except for your team members.

Want to add repositories to your Copyleaks account? Contact sales@copyleaks.com for more information.