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AI Grader

live_help What data needs to be provided in order to get started?
We will need each question and different form of the questions along with up to 100 versions of an answer that has been graded by a human grader. 
live_help How does the AI grader work?
After the AI grader learns the answers and grades given by the human grader, the AI grader can become more accurate. Our system is able to predict the grade...
live_help How accurate is the AI grader compared to a human grader?
The AI grader is extremely accurate and comes within a 1% difference of the median score given by human graders. 
live_help What languages are supported by the AI Grader?
The AI grader is able to grade written answers in more than 100 languages. Our OCR technology can currently grade handwritten assignments in English. 
live_help How long does it take for the AI Grader to determine the grade?
Our AI grader is extremely efficient and can grade longer written answers in less than five minutes. From the time the answers and dataset have been shared ...