Working with Copyleaks

live_help Are my uploaded files being added to the Copyleaks database for future comparisons/plagiarism checks?
Yes. We store all uploaded documents into our database for future scans. If you would like to opt out of this, you can do so in your account settings. F...
live_help Can a PDF report of my scan be automatically sent to my email?
In order to save a PDF version of a report, go to your dashboard, right click the title of the document you submitted, and click "Email PDF Report"...
live_help Can Copyleaks check for plagiarism in codes?
We do not offer a code plagiarism check at this time.
live_help How can I delete all of my previously uploaded content?
You can remove your content by logging in and clicking this link.  For a tutorial demonstration on how users can delete scans, check out our instructional ...
live_help Can I ignore results from a specific site?
Yes. You have the option of hiding results from a specific site in the scan report. For a step-by-step tutorial on how users can filter scan results, check...
live_help Can I input multiple URLs to find if there are plagiarized content in them?
Yes, with the launch of our new version, you can scan multiple URLs. In the new version you can upload multiple URLs and scan your content.
live_help How can I export the document comparisons and/or scanned results?
To share the results, you have a 'share' button in the report that will allow you to share the report's URL with others.
live_help How do I check which subscription I am subscribed to?
The subscription you are subscribed to will appear on your dashboard under your plans.
live_help How do I re-open plagiarism reports that I have previously submitted?
You are able to view previously submitted plagiarism reports via your dashboard.
live_help How do we know the number of credits remaining at the end of every use?
There will always be the number of credits in your dashboard to view when you're ready.