Suspected Character Replacement

If you see an alert that says "Suspected Character Replacement" this is because our system has detected possible character replacement within the text.

This happens when a foreign character is used in place of what we would consider a letter in the Latin alphabet.

This is a common technique people use when trying to submit an assignment that is nearly identical but they have replaced some letters throughout the text. 

We recommend checking the document and inspecting the text that has text with different characters that do not match the rest of the text.  

Suspected Hidder Character

A suspected hidden character error will appear when our system detects that there are possible "white" characters placed throughout the text. We suspect that white characters are put in the text in order to hide possible cheating. 

To the naked eye, these characters are undetectable but when it is in a txt format our system can find characters that do not belong. This is a common technique used to disguise plagiarism. 

This can be caused by very small changes with the text or even images throughout the block of text. 

How to Check if There is Hidden Text

We recommend checking the document and inspecting the text that has been identified as hidden. This can be done by viewing the text in a .txt format. You can review the .txt format against the visual file (ie .doc) and see if there are any discrepancies.