Sakai Admin - LTI Version 1.3

To add a new LTI 1.3 integration to Sakai, follow these steps:

  1. Create new Integration setup:
  2. First, we need to setup a new integration in the Dashboard:
  3. Click on New Integration:
  4. Click the integration setup for Sakai:
  5. Enter a name of your choice for your new platform integration in the Platform Name input field:
  6. After you finish entering the name of your new platform integration, click Next.
  7. Next, go to Sakai and login with your admin account. Leave the Copyleaks page open.

    There are two integrations to set up- The Assignment Tool and the Teacher Scan Tool. In the following steps we will first configure the Teacher Scan Tool.

  8. Click on the Squares at the top right of the screen:
  9. A side view will open. From here, in the Other section choose Administration Workspace:  
  10. Click on Administration Workspace tab on the left side of the screen to expand it:
  11. Click on External Tools:
  12. Click on Install LTI 1.x Tool from the right of the screen:
  13. Ensure your settings match those in the following screenshots.

    For Launch URL, based on the tool you are setting up, use the following:

    Assignment Tool:
    Teacher Scan Tool: 

  14. In the Copyleaks LTI dashboard, click on Next.
  15. In the Sakai configuration page click on Save. 
  16. A new page will appear in Sakai, copy the links and parameters that appear and paste them into the LMS Information card and click Finish (Platform Issuer and subject must have the same value):
  17. Next, you'll need to go to the course that you want to add the tool to:
  18. Then go to Assignments:
  19. Then on the top tabs select Add.
  20. Scroll down to the Submission Type section and select External Tool (LTI):
  21. Then click on Select External Tool (LTI) button:
  22. A dialog box will appear with all the External Tools that were created (Copyleaks Assignment Tool, Copyleaks Teacher Scan Tool). To create a new assignment or scan tool select the corresponding link:
  23. After selecting one of the tools links, the dialog box will show the Copyleaks page for the tool. Note, for the teacher scan tool only a loading page will show.
  24. After the Copyleaks tool creation process is done, the dialog box will close and update the tool title according to the creation configuration in the dialog box.
  25. If you are setting up the Teacher Scan Tool, uncheck Grade this assignment.
  26. If you are setting up the Assignment Tool, make sure that Grade this assignment in the Grading section is checked and set the max grade to the same value that it was set to in the creation process.

  27. To Finish click Post:
  28. A new page will appear including the newly created tool link(s):