Moodle Instructor

Copyleaks for Instructors

For a video walkthrough of Creating assignments see our video below.

For a step-by-step walkthrough see below.


Setting up the Moodle Plagiarism Plugin at the assignment

  1. Log into Moodle as a Teacher .

  2. Select Course.

  3. Turn on edit mode then click on Add an activity or resource .

  4. Select Assignment and click Add .

  5. Scroll down to Copyleaks Settings section to configure the plugin for this activity.

The Cheat Detection setting now includes our AI Content Detector. To learn more about what a result will look like visit our page here.

Accepted file types and sizes

  • The maximum file size allowed is 25MB.

  • The maximum document length allowed is 2000 pages (500K words).

  • When creating/editing the Assignment, you should Restrict Upload File Types to the file formats below that are supported by Copyleaks.

    • html, txt, csv, rtf, xml, htm, pdf, docx, doc, pptx, ppt, odt, chm, epub, odp, ppsx, pages, xlsx, xls, LaTeX, py, go, cs, c, h, idc, cpp, hpp, c++, h++, cc, hh, java, js, swift, rb, pl, php, sh, m, scala, gif, png, bmp, jpg, jpegcontent_copy

Accessing the Plagiarism Report

The Plagiarism Report can be accessed from within the students grading page.

  1. From the assignment main page click on View all submissions .

  2. On the assignment grading page you should be able to see the plagiarism progress and score for each student, To view the Plagiarism Report, click on the Copyleaks section that can be found around your submission

  3. The plagiarism report will open in a new tab under Moodle. Learn more about interpreting the plagiarism report and results  here .

If a student's plagiarism report is still generating, you will notice a pending clock or a pending spinner around that student's submission. This will disappear once the plagiarism report has fully generated.
If a student's plagiarism report generating process failed, you will notice an exclamation mark around that student's submission. You can hover over it to show the error.

Important Information

  1. If a student uploads multiple versions of a document to the same assignment, we will NOT compare to their previous submissions. For example, if a student uploads Version 1, Version 2, and Version 3 of a document, we will NOT scan Version 3 against Version 1 and Version 2. However, if the student has uploaded this document to a different assignment, it will be compared. For example, if the assignment is uploaded to English 101 and History 101, we will compare the two against one another.

  2. When Duplicating / Importing / Copying an assignment, the assignment Copyleaks configuration settings will NOT be copied into the new assignment. The plugin default settings will be set.

  3. If your admin has enabled the Show student information in results setting, instructors and admins will be able to see:

    • The date & time of submission for the detected result.  
    • The user's email or username who submitted the detected result. 
    • The user's full name.
    • The assignment name.
    • The course name.
See the screenshot below for an example of what this will look like on a similarity report.