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How is your AI content detection any different from other detectors?

We appreciate and applaud any effort to shed light on AI-generated content. However, there are several significant differences between other detectors and our AI Content Detector.  For example:

  • AI-based text analysis is the core of who we are.  Over the past 10 years, we’ve  collected, ingested, and analyzed trillions of pages of crawled content and user-sourced content from thousands of universities and enterprises worldwide to train our models to understand the text and sniff out the signals created by other AI.  Credible data at scale, coupled with machine learning and widespread adoption, allows us to continually refine and improve our ability to understand complex text patterns, resulting in 99.12% accuracy—far higher than any other AI content detector—and improving daily. 
  • Because ChatGPT and other AI content generators work by repurposing existing content instead of creating original content, the risk of plagiarism and its implications are high.  Accordingly, to ensure complete content authenticity and originality, AI and plagiarism detection are the only ways to provide full spectrum protection and confidence. 
  • Unlike browser-based detection, we’re the only solution with seamless API and LMS integrations, empowering you to harness the power of AI Content Detector directly from your native platform and at scale.
  • By looking at the individual paragraph, sentence, and word-by-word level, our detection report highlights the specific elements of the text that a human has written and those written by AI, along with a confidence level, offering a new level of insight and transparency.