Schoology Admin - LTI Version 1.1

Integration Setup for Admins

Using The LTI Dashboard

  1. If you do not already have a Copyleaks account you can go to and create an account.

  2. Go to and log in using your Copyleaks email and password details.

  3. When you first log in, you will be prompted to add integration page. Select your LMS : (add integration page —> select an integration).

  4. Follow the steps and set up a new integration

  5. Select the "Default settings" or use "Custom settings" to further customize

    • Allow students access to reports
    • Ignore references
    • Ignore quotes
    • Ignore titles
  6. You can click "Advanced Settings" to show more scan options

  7. Click the "Next" button and a Key and Secret will be generated for you to use in the integration with your LMS.

  8. The Key and Secret you generated will always be accessible later under "My Institutions"

Install Copyleaks Assignment LTI App on Schoology

  1. To install Copyleaks App within your LMS, log in to your Schoology Admin account, then go to App Center and search for Copyleaks.

  2. After you install the App, you must configure it.
    Go to App Center / Organization Apps / Configure and then enter your institute Consumer key and Shared Secret.

Install Copyleaks Settings LTI tool on Schoology

  1. To integrate Copyleaks with your LMS, log in to your Schoology Admin account, then go to Tools / School Management / Integration / External Tools and then Add External Tool Provider .

  2. Make sure to fill out all of the fields with the values that you see in the below image except for Consumer key and Shared Secret. Here, you should input your institute keys.

    Required Links:

Setting up the Instructor Only Tool

The Instructor only tool enables instructors to scan files or copy and pasted content for plagiarism outside of an assignment. The tool is helpful for late submissions, discussion board posts, and your own class materials. Below the upload window, instructors can view the similarity score of their uploads at a glance and view the interactive report by simply clicking on the score. 

See our Help Article here for a Setup walkthrough.


  • Submissions are accessible for 2 years.