How do I use Recurring Scans?

Recurring Scans

Setting recurring scans enables you to automatically keep track of fluctuations in the results your document is receiving over time. You can customize the frequency of the rescans to best fit your needs.

To set a recurring scan see the steps below:

1. From the My Scans page right click on the scan(s) you'd like to set a scan recurrence for and select Scan Recurrence.

2. The Recurrence settings window will open where you can click Never and change it to the frequency you need.

A recurrence frequency can also be set on new scans from the scan settings. In the top right corner simply click Schedule rescans and you will be given the same options as above.

Note: If you have set a recurrence frequency for a folder, all of the documents in that folder will inherit the frequency unless adjusted otherwise.

In the screenshot below you can see an example of the percentage change shown on the right side next to the previous similarity score.