How do I access the Instructor Plagiarism + AI Scan Tool in Moodle? - LTI Version 1.3

The tool enables instructors to scan files and/or free text for plagiarism/AI outside of an assignment. The tool is helpful for late submissions, non-assignment modules such as discussion board posts, and your own class materials. Instructors can view the AI & similarity score of their uploads at a glance.

Once your admin has set up the Instructor Plagiarism + AI Scan Tool you can follow the steps below to access it.

In your Moodle course, toggle on Edit Mode from the top right corner.

After Edit Mode is enabled, you can add an activity or resource to the course.
Click the Add an activity resource:

A window will pop. In the window click on whatever name your admin chose when creating the tool:

A form will open. Under the General section, fill the input field Activity name with the activity name of your choice:

Click on the Select content button, a window will open:
Wait for the loading process to finish and the window will close by itself:

Click on the Show more link:
To validate that the tool is functioning properly, check that the fields in the image below are filled:
Click the Save and display button:

Finally, the tool will load in a new window and be ready to use!

We recommend hiding the tool from students in order to avoid confusion. To do so, make sure that Edit Mode is toggled on, then click the 3 dots to open the dropdown menu where you'll select Hide.

The tool will now be accessible to you anytime you open the course.

For more information on using the tool see our page here.