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Creating & Viewing Assignments

See our video below for a walkthrough of how to create assignments in Canvas.

See our video below for a walkthrough of how to view assignments in Canvas.

Visit our page here to learn more about interpreting the Similarity Report

See below for a step-by-step guide and more information.

Add the Canvas Plagiarism Framework to the assignment

  1. Log into Canvas as an Instructor.

  2. On the left panel of Canvas, select the Courses tab.

  3. Choose the course you would like to add the Canvas Plagiarism Framework to.

  4. On the left panel, select Assignments.

  5. Click on the + Assignment button or select an assignment.

  6. To add the Canvas Plagiarism Framework, change the assignment Submission Type to Online , and choose one or both of the following options: Text EntryFile Uploads.

  7. To start using the Canvas Plagiarism Framework, Select Your Copyleaks Tool from the Plagiarism Review section.

  8. Click on Edit scan settings to open the link. A new tab will open.

  9. In the new tab you will be able to customize the settings you would like for your assignment. On the left there are General Settings. On the right there are 4 tabs which open to display more specific settings. Once you have decided on your settings, click Save Settings from the bottom right. A confirmation message will appear in the top right. Finally, you can close out the tab and return to Canvas.

  10. Save or Save & Publish your assignment from within Canvas. 
    As Canvas may not immediately notify Copyleaks that an assignment has been created, we suggest waiting up to 90 seconds between creating the assignment and making the first submission. This will allow Canvas to notify us that the assignment has been created.

Note: Settings with a lock icon next to them have been locked by your institutions administrator and cannot be changed at the assignment level.

If you have a template that you'd like excluded automatically from all of the submissions in an assignment (i.e. a list of questions which all students are submitting their answers below) please see our page here on the instructions to do so.

Setting Similarity Report availability

When creating the Assignment, you can choose when the Similarity Report will be shown to students Immediately, After the assignment has been graded, After the due date, or Never.

Accepted file types and sizes

  • The maximum file size allowed is 25MB.

  • The maximum document length allowed is 2000 pages (500K words).

  • When creating/editing the Assignment, you should Restrict Upload File Types to the file formats below that are supported by Copyleaks.

    • html, txt, csv, rtf, xml, htm, pdf, docx, doc, pptx, ppt, odt, chm, epub, odp, ppsx, pages, xlsx, xls, LaTeX, py, go, cs, c, h, idc, cpp, hpp, c++, h++, cc, hh, java, js, swift, rb, pl, php, sh, m, scala, gif, png, bmp, jpg, jpegcontent_copy

Accessing the Similarity Report

The Similarity Report can be accessed from within SpeedGrader.

  1. Select SpeedGrader from the right-hand side of the assignment.

  2. To view your Similarity Report, click on the percentage that is shown on the right side of the SpeedGrader. For this example, the percentage is 100%.

  3. The similarity report will open in a new tab. Learn more about interpreting the similarity report and results  here . Below are two examples of reports: 

     a. Breakdown of 3 types of similarity levels

    b. A report that contains a Suspected AI Text alert
    Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 11.32.49
4. If a student's similarity report is still generating, you will notice a 'pending clock' alongside that student's submission as well as within SpeedGrader. This clock will disappear once the similarity report has fully generated.
If a student's similarity report generating process failed, you will notice an 'exclamation mark' alongside that student's submission as well as within SpeedGrader. click on it to show the error.

Important Information

  1. As Canvas may not immediately notify Copyleaks that the student submission has been created, we suggest waiting up to 90 seconds before clicking on the resubmit button. This will allow Canvas to notify us that the assignment has been created.
  2. If a student uploads multiple versions of a document to the same assignment, we will NOT compare to their previous submissions. For example, if a student uploads Version 1, Version 2, and Version 3 of a document, we will NOT scan Version 3 against Version 1 and Version 2. However, if the student has uploaded this document to a different assignment, it will be compared. For example, if the assignment is uploaded to English 101 and History 101, we will compare the two against one another.
  3. When enabling Submission Type, the Text Entry option will only scan the first attempt. If multiple attempts desired, we do not recommend enabling Text Entry.
  4. When Duplicating / Importing / Copying an assignment, the assignment Copyleaks configuration settings will NOT be copied into the new assignment.
  5. If your admin has enabled the Show student information in results setting, instructors and admins will be able to see:
    • The date & time of submission for the detected result.  
    • The user (via their email or username) who submitted the detected result. 

See the screenshot below for an example of what this will look like on a similarity report.