How do I set up the Instructor Plagiarism + AI Scan Tool in Canvas? - LTI Version 1.3

The Instructor Plagiarism + AI Scan Tool enables instructors to scan files or copy and pasted content for plagiarism outside of an assignment. The tool is helpful for late submissions, discussion board posts, and your own class materials. Below the upload window, instructors can view the similarity score of their uploads at a glance and view the interactive report by simply clicking on the score.

To add a new LTI 1.3 integration to Canvas, follow these steps:

Create new Integration setup:

  1. First, we need to setup a new integration in the Dashboard:

  2. Click on New Integration:
  3. Click the integration setup for Canvas:
  4. Click the option for LTI v1.3 Integration setup:
  5. Enter a name of your choice for your new platform integration in the Integration Name input field:
  6. After you finish entering the name of your new platform integration, click the Next button:
  7. Next, in another tab go to Canvas and login with your admin account. Leave the Copyleaks page open.
  8. After you've logged into Canvas, click on the Admin link from the left side menu:
  9. A side menu will open. Click on your account (in this example, our account is named “Copyleaks”):
  10. A new window will appear. Click on the Developer Keys button on the left side of the page:
  11. Next, click on the Developer Key button on the right side of the screen:
  12. A dropdown menu will open up. From the menu choose LTI Key:
  13. A form will appear. In the form, fill in the Key Name input field with the name of your choice:
  14. In the Method dropdown menu choose the Manual Entry option:
  15. In the Title and Description input fields enter a title and description of your choice:
  16. From the JWK Method dropdown menu select Public JWK URL option:
  17. Now, return to the Copyleaks page you left open from previous steps and copy the links to the right input fields as shown below:

  18. In the Target Link URI input field enter the link to the Copyleaks tool you want to add. In this example-
  19. Expand the LTI Advantage Services by clicking on it:
  20. A set of options will appear, check every option by clicking on the radio button as shown below:
  21. Expand the Additional Settings by clicking on it.
  22. A form will appear. At the bottom of the form there are two options Public and Private.  Choose Public:
  23. From the Placements drop down menu only choose Link Selection (remove the others by clicking on the x icon):
  24. Expand the Link Selection by clicking on it:
  25. In the Target Link URI input field enter the url of the Copyleaks tool you want to use (in this example we used the Teacher tool:, after that click the LtiDeepLinkingRequest radio button:
  26. Click the Save button at the bottom right of the screen:
  27. After that, go to the Copyleaks page and click Next:

  28. In Canvas you will be redirected to the Developer Keys page. From this page click On for the LTI key we just configured: 

  29. A popup window will open, click Ok:
  30. Copy the Client Id as shown here and paste it along with the following URLs on the Copyleaks page: 


     -Platform Keyset URL:

     -OIDC Authentication:
    https://YOUR ORGANIZATION'S CANVAS URL/api/lti/authorize_redirect
    -Access Token URL:
    ORGANIZATION'S CANVAS URL/login/oauth2/token

    When copying Client Id make sure to copy the number directly. Do NOT click or use Show Key. This rule will also apply for Step 33.

  31. Return to the Copyleaks page and click on the Finish button:
  32. After Clicking the Finish button, let the loading process finish. The Copyleaks page will navigate you to the integration tab where you'll see the integration you've just created:
  33. Next, go back to the Canvas page and copy the Client Id number like the one shown below. Then click Settings from the left:
  34. Next, click on the Apps tab:
  35. Click on the View App Configurations button: 
  36. Click on the +App button:
  37. In the form that opens up click on the Configuration Type dropdown menu:
  38. From the Configuration Type dropdown menu choose By Client Id:
  39. In the Client ID input field, paste in the client id you copied (from Step 33):
  40. Click the Submit button:
  41. Next, click the Install button:
  42. Next, in order to use the Copyleaks tool in a course, complete the following: First, click on the Courses button from the side menu:
  43. Choose the desired course you want to add the Copyleaks tool to:
  44. Click on +Module button on the right side of the screen:
  45. In the Module Name input field enter a name of your choice:
  46. Click on the Add Module button:
  47. Click on the + button:
  48. From the Add dropdown menu choose External Tool:
  49. Click on the Copyleaks Tool:
  50. The tool will load in a window, after it has completed loading it will close automatically:
  51. If done correctly the URL and Page Name input fields will be filled:
  52. Click on the Add Item button:
  53. The tool should now be added to your course. Click on the tool to open it:
  54. Finally, the tool will open up in a new window and be ready to use!