Canvas Admin - Course Level Setup

Integration Setup for Admins

Create App Registration URL

  1. If you do not already have a Copyleaks account you can go to to create an account.

  2. Go to and log in using your Copyleaks email and password details.

  3. When you first log in, you will be prompted to the Integration Setup page.
    Select Canvas:

  4. From the next options presented, select the Plagiarism Framework:
  5. Enter the registration name, then click on Generate URL

    • After successfully creating the registration you will receive a Registration URL along with a Key & Secret , which will be used on Canvas to finish the registration.
    • The registration name will only be used on the Copyleaks website.
    • You can always find your registrations on this page

To set institutional defaults and lock settings see our page here.


Setting up the framework in Canvas

The integration can only be added to the Canvas production environment. It will not work on the Testing or Beta environment.  
  1. Log into Canvas as an Administrator.

  2. On the left panel of Canvas, select the Courses tab then select the course you'd like to configure with the framework

  3. From the left panel, select Settings .

  4. Choose the Apps tab from the top of the Settings page.

  5. Choose View App Configurations .

  6. Choose the + App button to open the Add App pop-up box.

  7. Change the Configuration Type to By LTI 2 Registration URL then add your Registration URL.

  8. In the dialog, finish the final steps to register.

    9.  In the Configure step, name your tool and click Finish.

Learn more about  Ignore Settings
Learn more about  the Internal Database
Learn more about  Source Code Comment

The Cheat Detection setting now includes our AI Content Detector. To learn more about what a result will look like visit our page here.

Under the Apps tab, make sure that the Copyleaks App is NOT disabled.

We recommend logging in as a Student or Instructor as opposed to viewing the reports from the admin perspective while testing.

Important Information

As Canvas may not immediately notify Copyleaks that the student submission has been created, we suggest waiting up to 90 seconds before clicking on the resubmit button. This will allow Canvas to notify us that the assignment has been created.

If a student uploads multiple versions of a document to the same assignment we will NOT compare to that student's previous submissions. For example, if a student uploads Version 1, Version 2, and Version 3 of a document, we will NOT scan Version 3 against Version 1 and Version 2. However, if the student has uploaded this document to a different assignment, it will be compared. For example, if the assignment is uploaded to English 101 and History 101 we will compare the two against one another.

When Duplicating / Importing / Copying an assignment, the assignment Copyleaks configuration settings will NOT be copied into the new assignment.

Deleting the registration from the Copyleaks dashboard will shut down the tool and will automatically be deleted after 2 months. This action can be cancelled on the registration management page.

For ease in identifying the origin of copied content in cases of internal cheating we recommend enabling the Show student information in results setting. When enabled, instructors and admins will now have the ability to quickly and clearly see in the results of the report:

1. The date & time of submission for the detected result.  
2. The user (via their email or username) who submitted the detected result. 

See the screenshot below for an example of what this will look like on a similarity report.

To enable this visit and follow the steps in the screenshots below.