Can I rescan a document?

Sometimes you may want to rescan a document so the results and Similarity Score are up to date. The Internet is constantly in flux, and our Internal Database is ever expanding, so it is not uncommon to see different results when scanning again. Different results are even more common when several months or years have passed since the original scan.

You can rescan and resubmit your document from the My Scans page or the Similarity Report. 

To rescan from the My Scans page, right-click on the document and choose Scan Again. You'll be notified of the number of credits the rescan will cost, and you can confirm the action by clicking Rescan. Additionally, you can rescan multiple documents simultaneously, including entire folders.

For a walkthrough of this, check out our video below.


To rescan a document from the Similarity Report, click on the Scan Again icon from the top left options. You will be notified of the page cost; click Rescan to confirm. The date of each scan is at the top center of the report. To navigate each report version, use the arrows on each side. 

For a walkthrough of this, check out our video below.


Please note, you can only rescan a document once every 24 hours.

You can also set Recurring Scans to rescan content repeatedly on a customized cadence. See our Help Article here for more information.