D2L / Brightspace Admin - LTI Version 1.3

Create new Integration setup:

  1. If you do not already have a Copyleaks account you can go to  https://app.copyleaks.com/signup and create an account. 
  2. Go to https://lti.copyleaks.com and log in using your Copyleaks email and password details.
  3. To set up a new integration in the Dashboard, first, click on New Integration:

  4. Click the integration setup for Brightspace:
  5. Enter a name of your choice for your new platform integration in the Integration Name field, then click next:

  6. Keeping the Copyleaks page open. In a new tab, login to Brightspace via your administrator account. After you've logged in, Click on the Admin Tools button (Cog icon in the top right of the screen): 
  7. From the menu that appears click on Manage Extensibility:
  8. Click on the LTI Advantage tab:
  9. Click on the blue Register Tool button:
  10. From the Register a Tool options, check Standard:
  11. A form will appear. In the Name field enter a name for the tool:
  12. The Description field is optional.
  13. Return to the Copyleaks page you left open and copy and paste the links into the Brightspace input fields as shown below:
  14. In the Extensions section, check every option:
  15. Return to the Copyleaks Dashboard and click Next. A loading spinner will appear, wait for the loading process to complete:
  16. Go back to Brightspace and then click on Register in the bottom left of the screen:
  17. A new popup will appear. From the popup copy the data and paste it in the right input field in the Copyleaks page you left open: 
  18. Click Done in the Brightspace page and Finish in the Copyleaks page:
  19. After clicking on Finish and Done, you will be redirected on the Copyleaks site to the LTI 1.3 Integrations page, where you'll be able to view the newly created integration. In Brightspace, you will be redirected to the previous page where you can also see the integration details:


  20. Next, we will deploy the Copyleaks Tool registered in the previous steps. First, click on the Admin Tools button (Cog icon - top right of the screen):
  21. From the menu that appears, click on External Learning Tools:
  22. Click on the New Deployment button:
  23. A new form will appear. From the Tool drop down menu choose the tool we registered in the previous steps (The name that will be presented depends on the name you chose in Step 11.
  24.  In the Name field choose a name for the tool we will deploy:
  25. In the Extensions section, check all the checkboxes: 
  26. In the Security Settings check the following checkboxes:

    The following configuration settings are optional.
  27. Click on Add Org Units:
  28. In the menu that appears, choose the course(s) in which you plan to use the Copyleaks features. In the search bar input field type in the Courses or Org Units you want to add Copyleaks to and click Enter:
  29. Click Create Deployment from the bottom left of the screen:
  30. You will be redirected to the previous page. In the table you will see the tool we just deployed. Click on the tool (the name you see depends on the name chosen in Step 24): 
  31. In the new page that opens, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on View Links. Make sure not to close either of the two tabs.

  32. Next, we will create two tool links: 

    Teacher Scan Tool - https://lti.copyleaks.com/api/lti/1.3/teacher-tool/add
    Assignment tool
    - https://lti.copyleaks.com/api/lti/1.3/assignment/add

    In the new Brightspace page that opens up click on New Link button:
  33. In the Name field enter a name of your choosing for the tool. Note, this will be the name shown to your faculty:
  34. In the URL input field enter the link to the tool. Here, we chose the Teacher Scan Tool.
  35. From the Type dropdown menu, choose the Deep Linking Quicklink option:
  36. Click on the Save and Close button:

So far, we've created one tool link for one Copyleaks tool the - Teacher Scan Tool. To create the second tool link for the Assignment tool go over the same steps from Step 32 up until Step 36. The only differences being the name of the tool and in Step 34 where you need to insert the Assignment tool link (https://lti.copyleaks.com/api/lti/1.3/assignment/add) in the input field.
Aside from this change all other steps remain the same.

Creating a Copyleaks Assignment

  1. Click on the Select a course button:
  2. From the menu that opens, select a course. For the purpose of the example we've chosen Copyleaks Course 1 - CopyLeaksCourse1 but it can be any course you added the tool to in Steps 28 and 29
  3. Click on the Content tab:
  4. Click on the Existing Activities dropdown menu:
  5. From the dropdown menu choose the tool link you created. The name you see, will be the name you chose in Step 33 when repeating the step for the setup of the assignment tool: